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There are several LAMDA exams available for individual students and groups, each designed to help you build on your skills, knowledge and improve your portfolio. Our teachers will be on-hand to offer guidance and support to accelerate your learning and help you pass any LAMDA exam with flying colours.


Choose from solo introductory and group introductory exams. Whether you want to improve your collaborative skills as a group, or simply want to build your own confidence and skills as an individual, these courses are designed to be a great first-step for those who haven't taken an exam before. Both exams are taken in 3 stages and aim to improve interpretive skills, technical skills, communication skills and interactive skills.


ACTING - Develop vocal confidence, physical and interpretive skills. Portray exciting characters and their backgrounds and give your own unique performances of chosen scenes, understanding the context of the scene itself as well as the character you embody. 

These exams can be completed in solo, pair, and combined formats depending on your level.

DEVISING DRAMA - This exam is designed for anyone interested in creating their own drama scenes and dialogues. This is great for anyone looking to progress a career in theatre or performing arts, learning staging, style and space. This exam can be taken either solo, or in a pair.

MIMING - Understand the complexity of body language and learn to communicate without using verbal skills. This is an excellent course to learn how to control movements of the body and facial expressions to clearly portray emotions and storytelling without using a single word. This exam can be taken either solo, or in a pair.

SOLO/DUO MUSICAL THEATRE - Using a blend of vocal and acting skill, learn how to perform musical theatre effectively, and learn a deeper understanding of the history of musical theatre and the key eras of the genre. This exam can be taken either solo, or in a pair.

GROUP MUSICAL THEATRE - This exam is designed to help larger groups of performers explore acting, harmony and vocal skills together. Create a great environment to develop musical and acting skills for groups between 3 and 15 learners. The group will be graded as a whole rather than individual grades.

SHAKESPEARE - Learn plays, sonnets and speeches from William Shakespeare and research his famous work, including technical skills, and understand his work on a deeper level. This exam can be taken either solo, or in a pair at levels 2 and 3.


SPEAKING VERSE & PROSE - Learn to develop your memory skills and project your voice for an audience, building an in-depth understanding of poetry, literature and creative texts. Learn how to use your body language to convey meaning with purpose and confidence. 

READING FOR PERFOMANCE - Project your voice clearly, sending a clear message and emotion from the text you read to your audience. Understand different genres and themed recitals, and how to engage an audience through your reading.

SPEAKING IN PUBLIC - Build your confidence in order to deliver powerful speeches to a captive audience, using body language and vocal skills to make you an effective public speaker.

To find out more about our LAMDA exams, including exam syllabus' and grade/level breakdowns, check out the LAMDA site.

Contact: 07545 765218


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